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How It Works

1. Check VINs

Easily check the VINs of vehicles that come to your shop to see if they have deadly Takata airbags.

2. Notify Customers

Tell them about the recall and give them a postcard (from Carma Project) that instructs them to go to any authorized dealership for the repair.

3. Get Rewards

If customers you notify get their airbags replaced within 60 days, earn up to $40 (depending on year and model) per vehicle.

Help Tackle the Takata Airbag Recall

The Takata airbag recall is the largest safety recall in automotive history, affecting over 42 million vehicles across 19 different manufacturers. A defective airbag inflator can explode and shoot sharp metal fragments inside a vehicle’s cabin. Independent Repair Facilities can play a crucial role by identifying affected vehicles and helping save lives.
What Carma Provides

An easy-to-use tool for checking vehicles for safety recalls that you can access at:

Everything you need to inform customers about how to get their cars fixed

Direct deposits, right into your account

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