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Carma Project's Specialized Outreach Programs Seeing Recalled Takata Airbag Repair Rates at 25%
"This data attests to the impact that our programs are having on recalls as a whole, and on Takata-affected vehicles specifically," said Carma Project CEO Fabio Gratton. "It underscores the power of being able to reach vehicle owners directly — whether by word-of-mouth, or through our network of outreach solutions built on our proprietary license plate recognition platform."


Carma Project And Toyota Boost Engagement Via Innovative Peer-To-Peer Platform To Accelerate Takata Airbag Recall Repairs
"We know that friends and family can play a powerful role in influencing how people make decisions about safety," said Toyota Motor North America's Vice President of Product Quality and Service Support Tom Trisdale. "Our partnership with Carma Project is designed to motivate and incentivize people to share critical information about the recall, including how to get the remedy for free."

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Consumer Reports

Toyota Tries Crowdsourcing to Speed Up Takata Airbag Recall Work
“It's critical to get these deadly, defective airbags fixed, and it is good to see another company using innovative consumer outreach," says William Wallace, senior policy analyst for Consumer Reports.

KUSI - San Diego Channel 9 News (Video)

Takata Air Bag Replacement Program Called Carma Project
The important thing for viewers to understand is that there isn't an indicator [in your car] that tells you if your airbag is defective. You just have to go to our website to see if your car is on the list.

CNET Road Show

Carma Project is Using Gift Cards to Speed Up the Takata Airbag Recall
Is this kind of a weird way to spur people into doing something that costs nothing and may save their lives? Yeah, but given how many hundreds of thousands of vehicles still haven't had their airbag inflators replaced, it's maybe time to get a little weird because getting a face full of airbag shrapnel for Christmas would suck.


There's Now a Game-Style App With Incentives for Warning Others About Deadly Takata Airbags
Turning the biggest recall in automotive history, which happens to be deadly, into a game-like incentive program is weird to digest. But if it helps at least some people get their airbags fixed, it can’t necessarily be a bad thing.

The Detroit Bureau

Toyota Using Carma to Get Takata Airbag Recall Done
Carma Project uses word-of-mouth communication in conjunction with the speed and ease of smart phones and the internet to alert vehicle owners if they have a car that uses the faulty airbags. The effort has been battle tested in the healthcare arena and seemed an ideal fit for this purpose.

The Drive

Toyota Rolls Out 'Carma Project' App to Encourage Takata Airbag Recall Repairs
By using peer to peer engagement and getting friends to reach out amongst their social circles, Carma hopes to drive results and incentivize people to spread the word about the Takata airbag recall. And while this may sound totally millennial and almost silly, it's admittedly extremely clever.

Mottek on Money (KNX 1070 NEWSRADIO)

Interview w/ Fabio Gratton (audio file)

Wards Auto

Toyota, Tech Platform Incentivize Takata Repairs
The recall affects vehicles built by 19 different automakers, with a projected 70 million airbags expected to be recalled by the end of 2019. Despite more than a dozen deaths and hundreds of alleged injuries, however, millions of drivers and passengers remain at risk.

Car and Driver

Help Toyota Owners Fix Their Deadly Takata Airbag, Get a Gift Card
You can also stack coins from what amounts to a friendly game of clickbait. Carma Project provides links to websites detailing the Takata recall and how to schedule a repair.

Nguoi Viet Daily News (U.S.-based, Vietnamese News Publication)

(Translated) Airbags in Vehicles Made by 19 Different Automakers May Cause Death
(Translated) Toyota and Carma, a technology company, are partnering to accelerate the rate of repair of vehicles with Takata airbags.

WTVM 9 ABC (Video)

Toyota Collaborates With New Project to Encourage People to Check Vehicle Recall Status
[Toyota is] collaborating with the Carma Project, giving gift cards to people for spreading information about the recall, and having friends and family get their cars checked.

Local 12 (U.S.-based, Cincinnati Station)

Cash incentives offered to spread the word of deadly Takata airbag recall
There are still hundreds of thousands of cars on the road that have the faulty airbags, and people just are not getting them fixed. One out of every three affected airbags remains unrepaired.

Automotive News (U.S.-based)

Video (3:50)

Digital Trends (U.S.-based)

Recall bounty hunters needed as millions ignore deadly Takata airbag recall
It’s the recall campaign from hell and too many people aren’t responding.

Slalom On Air! (Podcast)

Listen here
There's over 50 million deadly airbags on the road.

Yahoo! Finance (En Español)

Con estos premios incentivan el retiro de autos con falla en airbag
"We know that friends and family can play an important role in influencing the way people make decisions about their safety," Tom Trisdale, vice president of Product Quality and Service Support at Toyota Motor North America, said in a statement. "Our alliance with Carma Project seeks to motivate and encourage people to share critical information about retirement, including free solutions," he stated. (Automotive Marketplace)

Got a friend who hasn't replaced their airbag? Carma Project pays you to let them know.
Painless, easy, and thoughtful.

WSAV3  (Georgia-based NBC affiliate)

Raising awareness for faulty airbags could earn you money
"We make it really easy for Ambassadors to share messages with people to raise awareness about this recall," said Lim. "So people could make some money and do some good along the way."

ABC 15 (Phoenix)

Group hoping to get more Arizonans to fix recalled airbags
Despite many warnings right in our own community, it is estimated that roughly 200,000 vehicles in Scottsdale, Mesa, and Phoenix are recalled and still in need of an airbag repair.

KGUN 9 (Tucson)

Group hoping to get more Arizonans to fix recalled airbags
Just last month, a Buckeye man's death was linked to the Takata airbag recall that has claimed the lives of more than 20 people worldwide.


Toyota Offers A Bounty, For Referrals To Get Recalled Takata Airbags Replaced
“We’re trying to leverage a basic human behavior, of people wanting to help other people,” said Tony Lim, co-founder and president of the Carma Project.

Aütomania (Puerto Rico)

Proyecto Carma y Toyota lanzan plataforma por bolsas de aire Takata
In Puerto Rico, more than 100,000 vehicles continue to circulate with defective airbags.

The Topeka Capital-Journal (Kansas)

Toyota’s Carma Project targets owners of cars with faulty Takata…
Although the recalls of cars carrying faulty Takata airbags began in 2015, there are still more than 17 million cars with these airbags on the road — including 100,000 in Kansas alone.

Leavenworth Times (Kansas)

Toyota’s Carma Project targets owners of cars with faulty Takata…
Lim said that while the reward is unusual for recalls, it’s the danger of these bags that necessitates getting as many fixed as possible.

CBS 47 (Jacksonville)

70,000 Jacksonville-area vehicles have exploding Takata airbags, company says
Carma Project says there are about 1.1 million unrepaired vehicles being driven around Florida and about 70,000 of them are in the Jacksonville area.

Click On (Detroit)

Program provides incentives for drivers to have dangerous Takata airbags replaced
At least 100,000 unrepaired vehicles are being driven daily in Detroit, Warren and Dearborn, according to the NHTSA.

Automotive News (Detroit)

First Shift (2:44)
To date, we have had over 110,000 searches on our platform and 7,000 vehicle owners (across all manufacturers) found out they had a Takata airbag recall.

Autoline (Michigan)

Make Money Getting People to Fix Takata Airbags (7:32)

Fox 2 (Detroit)

Morning News Feature
More than 300,000 vehicles driving on Michigan roads still have recalled Takata airbags in use.

Wards Auto

Takata Airbag Recall Campaign Gets Personal
Proof of a fixed car is worth up to 5,500 in Carma Coin – $55, payable in gift cards – to the ambassador if the car is found to be in what NHTSA considers the highest of a dozen priority groups based on the vehicle’s age and where it is registered. Of the 110,000 license-plate and VIN searches conducted since the initiative launched in December, 15,000 vehicles have been found to be under some type of recall, including 7,000 Takata airbag recalls across 19 automakers, Lim says.


Carma Project: Saving lives with a social infuence app
“It’s like having a pipe bomb in your car,” says Carma Project CEO Fabio Gratton. Takata airbags can explode and release shrapnel. Even a fender-bender is potentially deadly.

Auto Service World

Rewards For Replacing Outstanding Takata Airbags
“People are taking extraordinary measures to keep themselves and their families safe during this pandemic, both at home and on the road,” said Carma Project co-founder and CEO Fabio Gratton. “What they may not be considering is that they could be putting themselves in harm’s way if they are driving a vehicle with a potentially deadly airbag.

Autobody News

Carma Project Launches Program Rewarding Vehicle Owners for Replacing Defective Takata Airbags
Despite extensive efforts by manufacturers, such as recall letters, public service announcements and dealer interventions, consumer response to fixing these potentially life-threatening airbags continues to be lower than hoped. More than 12.5 million defective Takata airbags are still on the road today.

Fender Bender

Carma Project Launches Program Rewarding Vehicle Owners for Replacing Defective Takata Airbags
The new Carma Project program will help the surging number of Americans facing unprecedented economic hardship by offering a financial incentive. A recent survey commissioned by the Carma Project found that 67% of consumers living in metropolitan suburbs and small towns considered it “critical” to get their car repaired and address life-threatening safety recalls now, even during the lingering COVID-19 pandemic.

Market Watch

Carma Project Launches COVID-19 Program That Rewards Vehicle Owners $50 for Replacing Their Defective Takata Airbag
This all-new program — which includes the reward of a $50 Amazon gift card—will further help address the recall of deadly Takata airbags, which is labeled "the largest and most complex safety recall in U.S. history" by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). In the face of more than a dozen deaths and hundreds of alleged injuries industry-wide, millions of drivers and passengers continue to be at risk.

Yahoo! Finance

Carma Project Launches COVID-19 Program That Rewards Vehicle Owners $50 for Replacing Their Defective Takata Airbag
"Many dealer repair centers are actually taking it a step further to accommodate customers during this period, by not only providing those safety measures, but also offering a suite of 'concierge' services," Mr. Gratton further stated. "This includes home pick-up and delivery, repair, and cleaning. These contact-less services allow vehicle owners to get their repairs facilitated for free while maintaining their social distance."

Orange County Business Journal

On the Hunt for 12.5M Defective Toyota Takata Airbags on the Road
“Data suggests car owners are holding onto their cars longer amid the crisis, which means it’s more important than ever for consumers to properly maintain and repair their vehicles, and fix recalled parts, said Chief Executive Fabio Gratton.”

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