Carma Project and National Safety Month


June is National Safety Month, a time when the National Safety Council encourages thousands of organizations to raise awareness and help reduce the leading causes of injury and death from work places, to the roads, to homes and communities. The National Safety Council has been the nation’s leading safety advocate for over 100 years, working with businesses, the government, and the public to help lower the death rate from preventable injuries.

At Carma, our main goal is to keep you and your loved ones safe, by helping you become aware of any dangerous problems with your vehicle. National Safety Month is the perfect time to get involved and start spreading the word about potentially deadly recalls across all auto manufacturers.

Tell your friends and family to check their cars, trucks, or SUVs using Carma’s free vehicle recall search tool.

  • There are currently 53 Million vehicles on the road with open safety recalls, which means
  • 1 in 5 vehicles in the US is affected across ALL manufacturers, of those
  • Over 41 Million vehicles have potentially deadly, recalled Takata airbags in them.

You can look up any vehicle from any brand on Carma. It only takes a few seconds to help protect your loved ones. Please spread the word, join the movement, and take a stance against needless injury and death.