Ambassador Spotlight: The Garcia Family


This month’s Ambassador Spotlight highlights the Garcia family who helped us raise awareness about the dangerous Takata airbag recall in the Hispanic community.

Angie and her family have a popular Youtube channel where they share their weekly adventures and show what it is like growing up in a Mexican household. Angie and her husband Jose took the time to educate their followers about the recall in one of their videos and they received a great response.

Here are some of the comments that their video received:

Comment 1.png

Oh my! I have received a notice twice about my car but have not scheduled an appointment because there are so many fraudulent companies and people but I will check it now.

comment 2.png

Yes, we received a letter that tells us that our car has faulty airbags so we will take it in for a repair.

comment 3.png

Thank you Angie and Jose for explaining this recall that affects our cars. I used the link and checked the status of my vehicle and luckily it is not on the list of recalled vehicles. Thank you so much for the information. God bless.

comment 4.png

Hi beautiful family, thanks for the tip about the airbags and for caring about your followers. God bless.

Screen Shot 2019-07-31 at 11.15.00 AM.png

Hi Angie, thank you for the information. It is indeed very important for us because I live in Arizona and it’s very hot here. I will check my airbags now. Thank you and send my warmest regards to your beautiful family.

There’s a good chance that these people would not have been aware of the dangerous recall or scheduled a repair if it were not for this family that cares deeply about the safety of their community.

In their video, they also share the staggering statistic that over 1.8 million vehicles are affected by the Takata airbag recall in California. That figure keeps increasing as well as the probability that someone you know is affected by the deadly recall.

Remember, this recall affects both driver and passenger airbags, so if checking for yourself is not the priority then check for your kids, your dog, or anyone else who might ride in your passenger seat.

You can check your vehicle (from any manufacturer) using our lookup tool here. And as always, if you find an eligible Toyota with a recalled Takata airbag, you can earn up to $55 once the vehicle gets fixed.

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