Ambassador Spotlight: Linda and David


In the short time since launch, we’ve seen Carma Ambassadors that have gone above and beyond expectations. We’re happy to kick off our ‘Ambassador Spotlight’ series to acknowledge some of these outstanding individuals. Each month we’ll introduce Ambassadors from our community and share their personal stories about doing some good.

Our first story is about Linda S. who cares deeply about saving lives and has even written a letter to her state senator. Here’s an excerpt from her letter:


I’m reaching out because these airbags can cause wrecks and kill innocent people if the airbags are not replaced. We need tougher legislation to where as citizens, we can identify the vehicles that have not been repaired by dealerships. Then a company like [Carma Project] can contact current owners via Tag information, if given permission by all the states. [This would especially benefit people] who are more than likely unaware of the danger that [they are in] if they purchased a car from someone who did not fix the airbags

When we asked Linda what drove her to write a letter to her senator she let us know that her goal was to save at least one life and that if she could help a million more people, that would be another million lives that can be potentially saved from deadly, preventable accidents.

And just like her, we believe that giving up is not an option!

Our second Ambassador story is about David S. who believes that safety is a priority and has worked extensively in the automotive manufacturing industry. Here’s how he responded when we asked him why he decided to join us as an Ambassador:


I worked as both an industrial maintenance tech and as an offsite inspection coordinator for a major quality assurance company for the big three. I’m not sure who still uses Takata airbags but I do remember it being a scary safety issue.

We are all fortunate to have Ambassadors like Linda and David as part of our community. It is individuals like them that motivate us to work hard and keep people safe on the road.

You can check your vehicle (from any manufacturer) using our lookup tool here. And as always, if you find an eligible Toyota with a recalled Takata airbag, you can earn up to $55 once the vehicle gets fixed.

Are you interested in being featured as part of our Ambassador Spotlight Series? Send us an email at to share your story!