Carma Project's Data Privacy Promise

Carma Project was founded as a response to the needless injury and death caused by dangerous automotive safety recalls that are not fixed. In 2021, our cars drove overs 1 million miles, notifying vehicle owners of the deadly Takata Airbag Recall. Our company is directly responsible for getting tens of thousands of dangerous airbags off the road.

In support of this mission, Carma Project uses ALPR technology as a way to quickly identify recalled vehicles that remain unrepaired. By identifying an affected vehicle, Carma Project is able to inform owners about urgent recalls and provide important information on how a recalled vehicle can be fixed for free.

What we do with your data

In new programs beyond the Takata airbag recall campaign, we make sure to stay true to our identity as a safety company. Our clients and partners come from all sorts of industries, but at their core, we are all interested in improving the lives of the communities we drive in.

Here are some current use cases for our data:

Automotive Recalls

Carma Project's origin story. From safety to vehicles emissions, we are driving through neighborhoods looking for vehicles in need of urgent repair, and ensuring that vehicle owners are properly notified.

Neighborhood Safety

Carma Project keeps communities safe by ensuring that law enforcement officers get the right vehicle information at the right time, in order to serve victims of crime and help wrongdoers be brought to justice.

Parking Enforcement

Carma's technology streamlines operations for parking enforcement systems, ensuring reliable, accurate, and efficient violation delivery. Photos, time stamps and geo-locations provide for maximum transparency.

What we do with your data

We take seriously the lives of the people in the communities that we serve — and we think data privacy is an integral part of one's life. From the beginning, we built our platform with data safety fundamentals in mind. This is how we protect your data.


Powered by best-in-class cloud services and on the same technology stack as the world's largest telecom companies, we ensure that all the data is always stored and sent securely.


Our technologies are undergoing a SOC 2 evaluation, meaning that we are aiming for for some of the most rigorous compliance standards.


Learn about our data privacy policies.

What we won't do with your data

In the spirit of karma, we know what goes around comes back around. Here are some key areas where we don't allow our data to be shared. Most importantly, we will always do what is right and best for your safety and protection.

Private investigation

We will never share information with PI firms, or any circumstance where a private individual or company is researching other private individuals.

Immigration enforcement

We don't work with ICE, or any other government or private agency involved in immigration affairs.

Request to remove your data

We understand that there are individuals who prefer to not receive any notifications on their vehicles. At any time, vehicle owners can send in their license plate to and we will immediately remove your vehicle from any future notification campaigns.